Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vivat Spittoon and Cooksister

Just a quick post to tell you to look elsewhere, specifically here, on Andrew Barrow's Spittoon site, for a review of a lovely evening of wine, food, photography and blogging (well, I think we talked about it anyway).

Andrew has very graciously used my photos from that evening on his site, a particular honour as his site is the my main reference for the best wine photography.

Nice to meet cooksister too. I have yet to get properly immersed in the world of food blogs, but I shall certainly be following her site from now on.

This, to me anyway, is a great riposte to those who look down on the 'antisocial' aspect of blogging - writing away on your own, usually late at night. Blogging has introduced me to lots of great people I would not have met otherwise, and for that I am very grateful, particularly to those who read this site and comment, and keep me going.


Andrew said...

was certainly an enjoyable way to spend an evening! Looking forward to the next meet-up immensely.

Jeanne said...

It was a pleasure meeting you too - and I am wildly jealous of your fabulous pictures. Clearly I was having far too much fun to remember basics like umm, white balance and the like!

Hear hear on the social aspect of blogging too - I've met some great friends through the blog, which was an unexpected bonus. Look forward to meeting up again - maybe at Excel??

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that you made this blog not just for your own insight and i think it's really nice to meet some people especially like you. Keep it up and you are doing a real nice job.