Friday, August 08, 2008

Making money by blogging about wine

Well, that's a headline guaranteed to bring in the masses!

In fact it is just a tease. I'm working on an article on this topic as part of the UNconference over at the European Wine Bloggers Conference.

I have a few ideas of HOW it could happen, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas of IF this has happened?

If anyone has any concrete examples of promotions going on out there (past, present or future), I'd love to hear about them as I hope the article will act as a major discussion point for a good while.

If anyone has a blog out there who has made money, or a service they want them to know about, get in touch.

I recently came across this example from Berocca which I thought was pretty cool, even if it doesn't pay the rent, and of course there are networks like FoodBuzz and VinoClic.

But are any wine brands, of food brands, spending their marketing budgets and arranging media placement on wine blogs?

Please let me know in the comments or by email:

(oh, and I'm trying to keep this a Stormhoek-free discussion - we've all read about that one already)


Joe Roberts, CSW said...

Hmmm... wine brands no, but wine retailers in the U.S. are certainly doing this.

My blog has affiliate programs with the major U.S. linking services, like LinkShare. Also have Adsense from Google.

Those are a bit "faceless" so I don't give them prime placement on the blog. I reserve that for the companies with whom I've got a personal relationship (Domaine547, WineQ, Snooth, Foodbuzz, MyWinesDirect, and WineSpies).

As you say, it won't pay the rent - unless you have high traffic. High traffic does indeed translate to higher Ad / Affiliate / Click through revenue.

Being a wine blog is a bit of a detriment in this area in and of itself, because essentially it's a niche market so the traffic numbers top out lower than social networks, productivity blogs, porn, etc.

Robert McIntosh said...

thanks Joe

yes, ANY affiliate system works too, although I would prefer something that would work for Europeans as well, and I don't think Jill is ready to deal with European customers quite yet!

Totally agree with the last point - am wondering if non traffic-based ideas exist out there

Alex said...

I've worked with a couple of PR companies, either on promotions or reviewing new products. This has mostly been food related though, and hasn't really manifested itself as cash ... more as a bit more interest in my site through running a competition, or by way of free samples.

Filippo Ronco said...

Dear Robert,

I'm looking forward to read your lines and to discuss about bloggers and monetizazion with you and other bloggers in Logrono. We've talked a little on Skype about these topics and I - as a publisher before than an adv merchant - can understand your doubts about standard ways of monetization.

I don't want to talk about VinoClic here (interested publishers can read the english version here : but I think that, whatever is the system you choose, you have to consider some points :

1) google may be the fastest way to make moneys but surely it doesn't worth the time you spend blogging.

2) if you want to make money with your blog, consider that you may be small but you should at least be relevant in your niche

3) public relations, direct contacts, private (small and big) advertisers could be a good start but remember : agencies rules !

4) you can try to do the job all alone but it will be the hardest way. You need a group if you're aimed to sell ads and the more the group is strong and focused, the more your chance to sell can get true

5) Make money is not a snap of your fingers. You need work, time, patience.

These points are what I would like to talk about in the conference.
See you soon.


Robert McIntosh said...

thank you everybody (and those who responded direct)

useful stuff, and I hope the results will be worth waiting for