Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Conversation starter

I have been looking for ways for conversations to kindle the love of wine, but maybe the place to start is where wine conversation kindles love.

My wife pointed out an article in one of those free papers for commuters last night. The centre spread, apparently a regular feature, looks at dating in London. The main article yesterday was about wine speed dating.

I have heard of a number of such events. Basically, take speed dating, add wine. The wine is the conversation starter. You learn a little about it at the start, then go around comparing notes and preferences. Not only do you get an excuse to talk to potential partners, but you get the wine and wine education thrown in as part of the deal. Excellent!

This one was organised by Grape Vine Social, apparently a big organisation, but I have also seen the WSET organise its own events (well done Nicolla!).

It may seem a little silly (unless you are single and looking for a better way of meeting people), but it says something about wine that it works in this context. I can't imagine Gin, Bacardi Breezers or Absinthe would work the same way or have the same appeal (although there may be a niche market for each, especially for Beer).

My only quibbles about the reported date are 1) the wines chosen (Hardy's, Banrock Station, Kiss Chasey?) and 2) if you are looking for a relationship, would you give all the details to the paper so your potential partner can read them the next day??

Maybe I'm old fashioned that way.


Alan said...

I think absinthe could certainly work: they do say that "absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." That's the polite version of that saying - there are one or two ruder versions which are even more supportive of my argument!

Robert McIntosh said...

like it!

unfortunately the version I have heard is "absence makes the heart grow fungus" (I think that came from the Barenaked Ladies) .. but maybe they were saying Absinthe too?


Anonymous said...

With those wines on offer ever one of my converation would probably start, "why are you drinking that?"