Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Wines and Spirits we Trust

Been a little more quiet recently as I am attending a course all week at the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), and studying all the materials they sent through.

This is a well known trade qualification, but if you have not heard of it, then I thoroughly recommend you look at one of their courses as a great grounding in wine.

Where we take it from there is the fun bit!


Andrew said...

which course are you studying for?

Robert McIntosh said...

finally getting around to my diploma

doing the "intensive" version in week-long bursts

fascinating stuff

ploop said...

man alive - I believe that is a good deal harder than when i did it! Good luck with it Robert. It's certainly fascinating - but when you need to learn so much from 'Understanding Wine technology' it becomes a little wearing!

Robert McIntosh said...

I don't know if it is harder, but they have certainly tried to keep some (and I stress some) pace with what is actually happening in the market. I gether it used to be rather dated, learning about obscure regions nobody drank any more.

I actually do enjoy it and I have actually found Understanding Wine Technology both entertaining and interesting (not that I am a Chemist), so it is not a major hardship.

My problem is remembering names of people and places. My worst nightmare is learning about wine regions and how they fit together, not the wine itself.

... which makes Bordeaux and Burgundy actually scary rather than alluring - now that is a shame.