Friday, July 25, 2008

You can't share a bottle online

I really enjoy building online relationships and keeping in touch with a great range of people through blogs, comments, facebook, twitter, Open Wine Consortium, etc., but the ultimate goal, really, is to make 'real' friends.

So when I saw a 'tweet' by @1WineDude, otherwise known as Joe Roberts who blogs at out of Philadephia, mentioning that he would be in the UK, I jumped at the chance to meet up with him and share a glass, or two, of wine.

Andrew Barrow from Spittoon joined the party and we met up at The Two Brewers in Windsor.

We talked about wine, blogging, US vs. UK, music, food and all the sorts of stuff people who have known each other for a long time would talk about, yet we'd only met an hour beforehand.

It was fun, and if any other wine blogger out there is planning on passing through London, or its environs, do get in touch so we might arrange a get together of our own.

Two of the topics we discussed which are worth bringing up here, were:

The serving temperature of wine, particularly reds. The Two Brewers is a great place to go for wine as it has a limited, but adventurous wine list. However, the UK is not built to deal with heatwaves, and our bottle of Chateau Musar 2000 arrived too warm (as did the later bottle of Astrolabe Pinot Noir 2006). No problem! Drop them in the icebucket left over from the Rose (from Provence, but label had washed off). We did get a reputation from the staff for "liking chilled red wine", so I had to point out we were only lowering it to where it ought to be, around 18 degrees. The idea that serving at 'room temperature' does not mean "whatever temperature your room happens to be" has yet to filter down properly. This is Confessions of Wino's personal crusade, and I'm happy to support it.

Bloggers need to work together more. This one was more controversial, and I must admit it is my own agenda. I do believe that we need to find ways of doing things together that go beyond links and comments if we are to have real impact. This is the subject for what is going to be discussed at the European Wine Bloggers Conference, as well as the North American one, so expect to see more on this.

My thanks Joe and Andrew for a great evening. Let's do it again soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice get together. I agree i really enjoy meeting the people behind all comments and blogs. Anyone passing by Bilbao (Robert, when r u coming?)or for that matter, Helsingborg(SWE) or Malta let us know and we´ll show what the city has to offer in wine and good food.

Joe Roberts said...

Great times! I was also pleasantly suprised by the quick comradarie (and the red wine serving temp :-).

Having said that, those pics are far too tame!

Cheers, and here's hoping we can meet up agan in the 'real world' soon!

Robert McIntosh said...


I'm saving those photos for another time!

At least until you are back at your desk and able to defend yourself from any accusations

thanks again and see you soon I hope

Anonymous said...

Faces only bloggers could love! How was the new daddy conversation? Does sleep deprivation affect your palate? Glad y'all had a chance to meet. My face-to-face time with fellow bloggers have left me truly enriched. I am looking forward to more quality time at the conferences!

Anonymous said...

As you remember from our meet in Manchester, it is the general public who are to blame. Too many bars and restos get wine sent back because it is "too cold" so of course they put it in the wine oven before serving.
As for 1winedude, I read his blog and, despite his awesome wine knowledge, if I met him I would get him to show me where I am going wrong on the guitar...

Andrew said...

luckily the 'lets talk about babies' stuff quickly re-turned to more manly topics of conversation!

A great evening and super to meet up with you again. My lamb course suited the Musar perfectly by the way.

Realise you are heading to the conference (which I am really annoyed at not being able to attend despite all attempts) we should try and organise a bring-a-bottle wine tasting this autumn.