Wednesday, January 16, 2008

French Letters - ANPAA

However hard we try to talk up the future for French wines, and France's chances of developing a reasonable attitude to wines in the modern world, some organisation manages to come along and shatter our illusions.

Hot on the heels of the ruling about health warnings on Champagne articles, here is the latest news, courtesy of Decanter (assuming you can get their site working as it keeps crashing on me):

Web cannot advertise alcohol

Of course this current ruling is aimed at Heineken, but I wouldn't rate the chances of a Vin2.0 culture developing in the land of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity any time soon.

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Lar said...

While the french reaction sounds a bit nuts and ever so slightly right wing, the integration of booze sponsorship into every sporting event imaginable is getting ridiculous.

The Heineken Cup, The Magner's League, The Guinness Premiership - three of the biggest rugby competitions. in the Veuve Cliquot (tm) Northern Hemisphere all sponsored by beer and stout multinationals (two of which are originally Irish, I'm ashamed to say).

The boozy prefix is now synonymous with these events. In fact, it's now gone further than synonymity with the commentators propagating the sponsors' goals: get the brand recognition into the young ones as they watch their heroes on the field of play!