Monday, January 28, 2008

More European Wine Bloggers

As Ryan, Gabriella (from Catavino) and I are working on the European Wine Bloggers Conference concept (get in touch if you want to know more, participate or sponsor it), I thought I'd go on a search of more UK & European bloggers.

I must say I did this exercise a few months ago and was very surprised how few UK wine bloggers there were, and I was not very successful finding bloggers from other European countries either (although that is harder if the text is not in English).

However, I have come across a few more, some of whom are now "friends" on facebook, and all of which now are listed in my RSS feed (I now have over 80 feeds - not all wine however - TOO MANY!).

Here is a list of a few, in no particular order, of the new ones you too might like to explore. I think I'll need to reorganise the blogroll to separate out the European blogs for future reference so you will not find these on there yet.

Tales of a Sommelier (UK)
InterWined (UK)
La Gramiere (France, in English)
Bubble Brothers (Ireland)
Castro Martin (Spain, in English)
Vino al Vino (Italy)
Vino da Burde (Italy)
Gare aug Gouts (UK, in French)

[UPDATES: There are a few more that are linked from these which I will add here for the next few days before reorganising the links section. If I've missed something, drop me a line]

The Winepost (UK)
Wine for Spice (UK)
The Pinotage Club (UK) - actually I am not sure why this is not already on my blogroll, but I've linked to Peter before


Free Running (Ireland) - thanks to Bubbles Brothers for pointing me there
Barrels & Bottles (UK)


11 comments: said...

thanks a lot for the link! for non italian readers, I suggest to follow this link for reading the posts with english translation:

see you this summer!

Robert McIntosh said...

Grazie Andrea. Perfetto, dunque ci vediamo in Agosto nella Rioja. Ci sei gia stato?

Sean said...

Thanks for the mention.

Jacob and I have added you to the blogroll; we're keen to support UK wine blogs (there seem to be only a handful).

Also, I notice that you live in South London. We at InterWined cross the north/south divide. Jacob lives in North London and I live pretty close to you in the South.

Robert McIntosh said...

great news. I think there used to be a UK Wine Bloggers site that had about a dozen sites listed, but I'm not sure it still exists or how up to date it is. We certainly could do with being a bit higher profile.

good luck with InterWined and thanks for the link

Julian said...

It's very kind of you to point people our way, Robert! Thank you too for putting your energy into the wider concept.

Robert McIntosh said...

no problem at all, particularly for the Irish bloggers who are a rare species indeed! See you in August? said...

it would be first time ever in Rioja and even in Spain! Shame on me...

DNAB said...

...would really like to know more about this conference.

Robert McIntosh said...

hey dnab (or Douglas not sure which you prefer)

the idea is that wine bloggers from across Europe gather together to get to know each other, chat, talk about wine, help each other out, and maybe plan for the future (where we take over the world, of course)

Chech out the link to where most of this is being tracked. I am organising it with Ryan and Gabriella.

The proposal is a two/three day weekend event at the end of the summer (29-31 August) in Rioja as it is reasonably central and we have connections. After that, who knows.

We will launch a specific site for this very soon so we can see who is coming, what we want to talk about, what tastings we can organise, etc.

Keep an eye on this site as I'd love to have you along.

Does it sound interesting? said...

it's interesting...I can only say that for me the weekend before (22-24) would be better but if it's only for me...

GollyGumDrops said...


I'm not sure why, but people tend to assume I'm American, but Golly's Wine Drops in a UK wine blog. Os Vinhos is a Portugese blog I don't think I saw in your list. It does have a 'translate to English' option.