Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beyond the call of duty

I just have to point you to the kind of post you never expect to see, but exemplifies the future of retailing, one built on relationships and service and not on the "fast-buck" concept.

Price check: 2005 Caronne-Ste-Gemme Haut Medoc

Can you recall seeing anything like this before? I have had such conversations, but only face to face in the old fashioned local stores that know I'll be back again and again. These are a dying breed in the 'real' world.

The difference here is that this post is up for ALL to see, not just for 'best' customers. It shows how committed Jill at domaine547 really is to her customers, current and potential.

Thank you Jill, and I hope you get the success you deserve.

Can you point me to anyone else who has done this?


Jill said...

Robert, thanks so much. Your kind words make me happy...however, I'm sure there are more people out there pointing to this as evidence of that I'm a bad businesswoman. I think I can live with that, though!



ploop said...

Good heads up Rob .. it really is a remarkable post.

There's a small, very small, part of me that wonders if this isn't a clever ploy ... their other wines bask in the glory of them publically saying that one (just one) of their wines is overpriced.

But maybe that's invidious ... I'm prepared to take this on face value and it's a remarkable show of honesty.


Robert McIntosh said...

oooh! you are cynical Mr Ploop

I have followed Jill at Domaine547 for some time on her site, on other wine forums and on twitter and I am 99.999% convinced it is genuine.

The 0.001% is only that chance that there are people out there SO TALENTED at deception that I can have been duped for months ... but that is a lot of effort in order to sell some wine bottles.

Ah! We live in a cynical age!


Jill said...

If it makes Ploop feel any better, this post hasn't generated any sales that I can think of. We regularly do "price checks" and include our own wines in the lot. There are very few times when we have the lowest price -- we're not a discounter, and deal in small volume compared to the mega-stores that can afford to barely mark things up (like Costco).

I wonder what the deleted comment said...I can only imagine. Being a cynic, I have sympathy for anybody who assumes my "honesty" is somehow a ploy. Again, though, I'm just not that adept a businessperson to figure out what that devious angle might be.

Robert McIntosh said...

don't worry Jill, the deleted comment was just a request for me to contact someone about a topic totally unrelated, so I removed it

No need for paranoia!


Hopefully your post will generate more sale in future at least from loyal customers