Friday, April 18, 2008

List of Irish Wine Blogs

You may have noticed that among the updates to the blogroll I made a few days ago I also separated out the wine blogs that are written in Ireland.

The list is as comprehensive as I can make it (for the blogs anyway, plenty of retail sites), which is saying something as it only contains 4 entries [updated; there are now a few more; check below for the latest list]

Simon Tyrrell's blog seems to be fairly intermittent and I only started following it recently, but I do recommend you check out the others that are all in my feed reader already.

If you know of any more out there, please do let me know as Ireland does need more blogs like these to develop and nurture the Irish wine culture.

Last updated: 22/07/2008


Irish Wine Contemplations said...


Cheers for the mention, it's a bit of a shame there aren't more of these Irish wine related blogs. There are loads of food blogs that occasionally touch on wine, have a look at to get a list of these. 2 other blogs/sites that have a little bit more of a wine focus are (which is a bit infrequent) and which is split evenly between food and wine.


Lar Veale said...

Hi Robert,

Thanks a mill for "linking me up".


Robert McIntosh said...

Thanks Will & Lar

I pondered adding wrathofgrapes (like the name apart from anything) but it is updated so rarely (and in an odd way) and isn't in fact a blog that I decided not to bother.

Some of the other sites are new to me so I'll check them out.

Have you considered joining the Open Wine Consortium and setting up a group for Irish wine bloggers/writers? You could run your tastings from there and keep up with things happening elsewhere too

Just a thought - let me know if you want more information

Julian said...

Thank you for the mention, Robert. I think a bit more correspondence between English and Irish wine communities would be no bad thing, and perhaps help to show suppliers, amongst others, how the two markets differ.

robertfrancis said...

Hi Robert,

Many Thanks for the link - catch up with you later on twitter !